The End of Days

Over the last month we have been teaching and preaching on "The End of Days" at both campus locations here in Cidade Tiradentes. Since it is the first time our church is learning about this we chose to take the flyover teaching approach as apposed to getting into the fine details of eschatology. This subject matter can be mind-boggling for even the more informed Christian, so we created some time at the end of each service to field questions. Here are some interesting conclusions that the church came to during those Q&A sessions:

1. The imminent return of Christ demands urgency in our evangelistic outreach and personal holiness. 

2. Since Jesus Christ promises to reward faithfulness, we should seek to be faithful in all that we do. 

3. The pre-tribulation rapture of the church should fill us with hope, joy, and praise - we won't be here for the bad stuff. 

4. We should pray for Israel because God still has a plan for Israel. God's unconditional promises to Israel will be fulfilled. 

5. Everything will end someday, and God will right every wrong in time and eternity. 

6. In our finitude we cannot even begin to understand all that God has prepared for those who will spend all eternity with Him.

What stood out to me most over the last month was how our church people were filled with shock and awe in learning of these "last things" for the first time. I pray their awe inspires a renewed zeal and personal transformation. In a way, familiarity breeds indifference. Many "old" Christians have heard it all before, and the subject matter doesn't tickle their interest any more. On the other hand, some are more fervent in their faith than ever before. Wherever you may be, get back to the place where the newness of Revelation shocks and awes you - Jesus is coming back and you need to be ready.