A story of a husband's answered prayer and a church that chose to love

A few years ago, your partnership helped start a church in the small town of Barreiras in northern Brazil. Today that church is alive and growing. Marcos and Jordana are members of this church and they have a story to tell:  

Marcos was already a believer when he and Jordana met. Jordana is a house wife and from a pretty strong Catholic family. With a lot of resistance and doubts, she began to visit our church with her husband. She openly declared, “I don’t like Christians!” After several months of visiting our church, and because of Marcos’s prayers, Jordana began to like what she saw. In January of 2013 Marcos convinced her to participate in our Church’s annual retreat. Again, with much resistance she agreed to go. As she affirms today that it was during that retreat that she saw God’s love manifested among the church family, which attracted her to the Gospel. Six weeks later, at our Easter service, she was convinced of her need for salvation that comes only from Jesus Christ and faith in Him. She gave her life to Christ at that point and is now a happy and dedicated member of the church. She is involved in the music and children’s ministries. Marcos said, “I never could have imagined the difference her salvation could make in our family. Our home is so much better since she became a Christian.” 

Barreiras has a population of 140,000 and there are many other couples like Marcos and Jordana who need to be reached with the Gospel. In order to accommodate their growth and to expand their ministry in the city, the church is trying to buy 1/2 acre of land in the city. 

A 1/2 acre lot will cost $84,000, and God has already provided $42,000. This church is involved. They are financially contributing and doing extra through bake sales and various other fundraiser to assist with the purchase of this property. 

We still need $42,000.

Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us to reach our goal? No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Please ask the Lord how He would have you participate in this project.