Back to Brazil In A New Direction!

Read our 2017 Ministry Prospectus for a detailed explanation of our next season of ministry. 


We will be flying back to Brazil on April 13, 2017. It has been good to be in the U.S. visiting

our ministry partners, reconnecting with family and friends, and resting, but we are glad its

almost over. Living out of a suitcase on the road can wear you out! Jonathan has logged

tens of thousands of miles and has visited over 50 churches since July. It will be good to be

back in Brazil doing what God has called us to do.

As we have previously mentioned, we are transitioning out of our most recent church plant,

the Oasis Baptist Church. In our absence, the church has grown under the leadership of a

Brazilian Pastor. There are still many areas in which the church needs to grow, but we did

what we came to do and now its time to move on. When we go back to Brazil, we will only

be living in the same area for four months before we move to the City of Campinas.

Campinas is still within the Greater Sao Paulo Region, and is located about 2 hours away

from where we currently live. We will be partnering with Pastor Emerson in a church plant

revitalization project. Visit our website for a full prospectus on our next season of ministry in


Over the coming years, we still plan on being involved at the Oasis Baptist Church. Our plan

is to help further develop the leadership of the church through monthly training initiatives.

Instead of being involved with church members, we will be involved in developing the church

leadership and eventually helping the church multiply itself in other church-plants.

As we move back to Brazil, we need you to pray us. We have to find a new house, we have

to move, the family has to re-adapt, we have to figure out how to do life in a new place,

etc… We will also incur additional expenses as we make this transition. Please visit our

website for a breakdown of our financial needs. We have much going on in the coming

months and we covet your prayers and financial support.