Mission Teams, Moving, and a New Church!

June was a busy month for us as we hosted 2 mission teams of about 40 people AND moved to a new house in a new city. The first group came from Cullman, Alabama and the second group came from Van Wert, Ohio. It was a first for the group from Alabama, but the Ohio group had already been to Brazil on four different occasions. Both groups were involved in the same types of ministries throughout the month - evangelism in public schools, evangelistic canvassing in the new church’s neighborhood and in-home outreach in the evenings. Overall, we distributed 8,500 Gospel Tracts in the neighborhood and we shared a clear presentation of the Gospel with 1,800 kids in 3 schools. More importantly, people made decisions for Christ!

We were able to find a rental house for our family in Campinas towards the end of May, and we decided to host the mission teams in that same house before moving. So we moved 2 days after the last group returned to the U.S. Needless to say, we were exhausted after the move and it took us a whole week to get unpacked and organized in our new house. In fact, we just unpacked the last box yesterday.

Our target neighborhood in Campinas is Jardim Eulina. The neighborhood is mostly middle-class with a lowclass population on its fringe. As we have mentioned before in our letters, this is a church re-plant project. This church existed for many years in an adjacent neighborhood but due to different circumstances they were led to sell their property and re-plant themselves in this new neighborhood. A small core group and the pastor have remained through this transition. This is truly a unique situation that presents us with a special opportunity. If we were to plant a church from scratch in this neighborhood and buy this same property and build this same building, we would need approximately $700,000. Yet, as it is, we are starting with a core group of Christians, with a Brazilian Pastor, and with a ready to use location in a neighborhood that does not have a single Baptist Church and very little Gospel witness. Wow! I could not have dreamt of a better scenario. Next is to plan our work, work our plan, and wait on the Lord. corner view of property inside view of sanctuary

Please know that we are grateful for you partnership in our lives and ministry. We can only do what we do because we have faithful ministry partners who hold us up in prayer and who sacrificially give of their finances every single month. Thank You!