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to Pray

We need partners who will commit to pray for us and our ministry in Brazil. Many people assume that a missionary's greatest struggle is material - a lack of something in his country of service. The material needs are real, but a missionary's greatest struggles are spiritual and emotional. We are on the frontline of a battle that is being waged for the souls of men. Although we "know" differently, sometimes we "feel" overwhelmed by the darkness that surrounds us. We also miss home. We are foreigners in Brazil, and there are a million things and a million people that we miss every single day. So, we need you to pray for us. Sure, pray for our material needs, but pray for us spiritually and emotionally. If we are in a healthy spot personally, we can thrive in all that we do ministerially.

to Give

We need partners who will commit financially so that we can serve effectively in Brazil. We are a missionary family who followed God's call to serve as missionaries in Brazil. 100% of what we live off of and work off of comes from people just like you. Before coming to Brazil we visited a bunch of churches and individuals and we shared with them what God had laid on hearts. These churches and individuals prayed about partnering with us, and many committed to partner with us financially so that we could do the work of the ministry in Brazil. We lose ministry partners every year and we are always seeking out potential ministry partners. All in all, we live and work off of what God gives us through our ministry partners. Your partnership makes a difference in our lives and ministry. 

Three Immediate Needs

                      Church Land Fund                                          Monthly Financial Partners

                       $44 Given / $40,000 Still Needed                                                         6 Partnerships @ $100 / month

Vehicle Fund

$15k Given / $5,000 Still Needed 

become a Ministry partner today

If you need a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution please send your donation to:

Brazil for Christ

Metro Baptist Church

322 East Cedar Street

Goodlettsville, TN 37072


If you don't need a tax-deductible receipt and just want to donate now, just go here:


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